Spring 2015 News Update

It’s been well over a month without a blog post but it doesn’t mean we’re not keeping busy at Nanaya. Personally, because this is a fun side project, occasionally other things take priority like my astrophysics research for my PhD and designing space missions for NASA JPL. But don’t worry, we’re on schedule with releasing an early version of Nanaya around LateContinue Reading

¿Qué nación es el mejor amante? Pregunte Nanaya

Vamos a ir directamente al grano. Most Romantic Nations ¿Puntuación más alta, mejores amantes? Ok, así que es muy difícil salir con todo un país, pero podemos describir la población de un país. Entonces, ¿cómo podemos decir en qué país es “el mejor amante” o simplemente “más romántico?” Llevamos a nuestra base de datos deContinue Reading

A Work in Progress

This last week has been really exciting! We’re at thousands of users and well before we expected or planned. That’s not always good. I’ve been contacted by quite a few people telling me about ways to improve Nanaya. We’re listening but unfortunately Nanaya is not funded so we can only work as hard as friends and I can findContinue Reading

“Should I Dump My Girlfriend? Will I Find Another?”

Well let’s not get too hasty. Earlier this week, I posted the Nanaya white paper to ArXiv: “Should I Dump My Girlfriend? Will I Find Another?” Or: An Algorithm for the Forecasting of Romantic Options. The title is a bit melodramatic but it’s a reference to Peter Backus’s “Why I Don’t Have a Girlfriend.” ApologiesContinue Reading