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Introducing Nanaya Romantic Personality

After several years of running Nanaya we’ve built up one of the largest databases of romantic outcomes to ever exist. Unlike dating sites, Nanaya has data on how people actual live their lives and have romances in the real world – not just in the “Tinderverse.” We also have plenty of data on people in relationships. Unlike Facebook, Nanaya has data on personal values, experiences, and accurate personality data. What all this means is that our research is going to be a lot more complete and accurate than what anyone else can hope to do.

Over the course of our research, we’ve identified personality traits that have significant impact on romantic outcomes. As a result, we’ve developed the brand new Nanaya Romantic Personality Quiz. In about 30 questions, we can describe romantic personality and outcomes better than anything that exists, whether it’s Myers Briggs or any other personality test. But more on that later!

There are free and premium versions of this quiz. The free version is shorter and offers your approximated Nanaya Romantic Personality Type. For users who want an accurate answer, they can opt to pay for Nanaya Premium.

So what does Nanaya Romantic Personality describe?

Nanaya Romantic Personality

There are four dimensions to Nanaya Romantic Personality. For each dimension, there are two traits that describe each side of the dimension. As we detail below, each trait is associated with a letter.

That means everyone is described by a four-letter Nanaya Romantic Personality Type. For anyone who has taken the Myers Briggs assessment, this should sound very familiar!

So let’s learn a little bit about the dimensions and traits that define them.

Dimension #1: Energy

Energy describes how actively people approach the relationships they are in. At one end of the spectrum, people are more expressive, creative, playful, and intensive. We describe these people as Passionate, represented by the letter A. One the other end of the spectrum, people tend to be more reserved (not necessarily “introverted”), calm, and sober. We describe these people as Tranquil, represented by the letter I.

Dimension #2: Confidence

Confidence describes how much reassurance and emotional validation people need from their partners to be satisfied in a relationship. At one end of the spectrum, people are more independent, daring, and self-satisfied. We describe these people at Secure, represented by the letter S. At the other end, people are more cautious, deliberate, and needing of attention. We describe these people as Careful, represented by the letter C.

Dimension #3: Determination

Determination describes how much people are able to define and stay dedicated to achieving their personal goals. For some people, these personal goals can be relationship goals but not always! On one side of the spectrum, people are more focused, strict, and consistent. We describe these people as Rigid, represented by the letter R. On the other side of the spectrum, people are more lenient, open-minded, and able to adjust to the decisions of others. We describe these people as more Flexible, represented by the letter R.

Dimension #4: Lifestyle

Lifestyle describes how open people are to new experiences. “New experiences” doesn’t always mean living an adventurous lifestyle. On one end of the spectrum, people are more satisfied living a varied life, always trying new things. We describe these people as Wild, represented by the letter W. On the other side of the spectrum, people are more content to fall into routines, stay in on weekend nights, and attend to create comforts. We describe these people as Tame, represented by the letter T.

To be clear, Wild can mean something as simple as people who are open-minded to trying new restaurants. Conversely, people who always going mountain climbing or traveling to the same, exotic vacation spots don’t necessarily qualify as Wild.

Nanaya Romantic Personality Types

When all four dimensions are added together, we can define someone’s Romantic Personality. For instance, I’m ACRW: Passionate, Cautious, Rigid, and Wild. Nanaya data tells ACRWs like me that we tend to stay single longer, and are more content being so, living more exciting romantic lives than other Romantic Personality Types. Given all this information, the Nanaya Romantic Personality Report gives tips and suggestions how to get to the romantic goals I choose…without having anyone’s heart broken.

I don’t want to share too much, though! Find out your Nanaya Romantic Personality by taking our quiz!

Why Use Nanaya Romantic Personality?

Using online dating in the United States, it’s common to see people describe themselves by their Myers Briggs type. But let’s face it: Myers Briggs sucks and has little to no place describing relationship dynamics and romantic outcomes. There is no shortage of source online that detail why. At Nanaya, we encourage people to follow up with academic sources. But for your reading and viewing pleasure, consider these places to start: 1, 2, 3.

So why don’t people use any other personality test? There simply isn’t a free, easy-to-use Romantic Personality Test online that’s valid and linked to romantic outcomes. At Nanaya, we want to change this.

At Nanaya, we have partnered with Traitify, who provide our accurate and validated personality testing. We evaluated this data, along with romantic outcome data, to determine a combination of dimensions that are valid, easy to interpret, and have implications for romantic outcomes.

For those familiar with the Big 5 assessment, the canonical personality assessment used in psychology research, you’ll notice that Nanaya Romantic Personality dimensions are eerily similar. This was not by design but the result we arrived at through data analysis. The fact that our research led us to the canonical solution offers some additional validation that what Nanaya offers should provide our users with a meaningful, valid personality type. However, because people are most familiar with Myers Briggs, we have structured our results so people can more easily relate to the results of their assessment.

Finally, as described above, our free Romantic Personality Quiz approximates their Nanaya Romantic Personality. For users who want an accurate assessment, our premium Romantic Personality Quiz and Future Prediction Test will offer a detailed, validated personality test served by Traitfy. Premium Romantic Personality users will also receive a detailed report of their personality beyond romantic personality.

A Cold Winter but a Hot January: Nanaya Launch News

A little over a year ago we launched our website with the goal of building a large enough database of personalities that we could continue building an app capable of predicting the future of your love life.  I’m proud to say that we’ve hit critical mass and we’re almost done with the app!

Our goal is to grant early access to users who have taken the personality test and registered after New Years. All early Nanaya app users will receive free premium report features, including our prediction of the best age for you to settle down. After early users have had a chance to try out Nanaya we’ll expand access before Valentine’s Day.

Of course building Nanaya has taken a bit longer than I had hoped, but it’s all for good reason. We have put a lot of time and effort into not just the algorithm but also the design of the app and the features we’ll offer. Let’s do a quick overview of why development has taken so long!

Awesome report features
When we first launched Nanaya, we announced that users would see several scores at the end of the app. We realize that if people are spending about ten minutes filling a form, we better have a great report waiting for them.

Reports will now have four interactive pages: romance, friendship, social network, and personality. The romance page is what we’ve advertised and it’ll be a lot richer in content. We will be predicting:

  • The odds of finding love, which can be broken down.
  • A premium feature will be finding out how many times you’ll have a chance at an ideal relationship in the next seven years.
  • Several romance scores indicating how you compare to others users like you
  • The locations and groups where you are most likely to find your ideal match
  • The locations and groups where you’re in the most demand
  • The ideal age for you to settle down based on all of your inputs to the algorithm.
  • Text report on what you can do to improve those odds based on all of your inputs to the algorithm

For now we won’t be offering the portion of the algorithm that can predict if you should stay with your partner. It’s build and ready to go, but we want to do a lot more testing before that’s released. In the next few weeks, I’ll post again about the other pages.

Support for bisexuality
Getting an elegant mathematically answer is rarely an easy task, especially when it comes to human romance. When I had written the Nanaya prototype, I had not taken bisexuality in account because of the complexities it introduced mathematically. It’s complex because bisexuality is complex. We recognize that just because someone is bisexual, it doesn’t mean they are attracted to the same things in each gender, let alone identically attracted to both. Moreover, everyone interacts with different numbers of men and women. Making sure we can support bisexuality forced us to reevaluate all of the social interaction models of our algorithm.

Focus on fun design
There’s nothing worse than trying a new app or going to a new webpage that just doesn’t make sense, or worse yet, work. So we spent a lot of time time designing how everything looks and feels even before writing any code. Again, Nanaya is a bit longer than a personality test – so we wanted to make sure it was user adaptive and fun. Also, we put a lot of effort into designing reports to be engaging and easy to read.

I know the wait has been long but as you can see we’ve been hard at working making sure Nanaya is fun to use. Stay tuned over the next month for more news and sneak peaks of what the app will look like!

A Work in Progress

This last week has been really exciting! We’re at thousands of users and well before we expected or planned.

That’s not always good. I’ve been contacted by quite a few people telling me about ways to improve Nanaya. We’re listening but unfortunately Nanaya is not funded so we can only work as hard as friends and I can find the time to put together a user-friendly site.

In the next few weeks we’ll be focusing on the following:

  • Internationalization. Lo siento! We’re not keeping of where users outside of the US are from. We need to so we can eventually integrate our algorithm for other countries. Estoy pensando en ti, mundo Hispano!
  • Social media sharing. Once we have personalities from about 100,000 people in the US, we can finish the algorithm. That’s a lot easier if you have something to share on Facebook. Tell your friends your top trait and direct them to the personality test, with two clicks!
  • Survey Portal. Are you on a college newspaper? alternative weekly? radio station? Need a way to boost your readership engagement and build content while providing a new venue for your advertising for free? Contact us and we can build your portal starting the last week of January. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!
  • Mobile optimization. Google analytics tells us almost everyone accessing Nanaya is doing it from a desktop, which is great because our site isn’t the most responsive right now. Until this is fixed we recommend using Nanaya on a computer. 
  • Sociology studies. One of the things I’m most excited about. We’re getting very high resolution data within the US of romantic personalities.  Unlike OkCupid, our psychology studies are done via scientific psychometrics as opposed to an ad hoc list of values. While we cannot say our studies are wholly scientific (sample bias is not controlled for), we can provide unique insights and plan on publishing interesting results on values & psychology based on demographics as we build users.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns drop an email to info@nanaya.co. If you’re interested in partnering for your media organization, contact either melissa@nanaya.co or tom@nanaya.co.