A Work in Progress

This last week has been really exciting! We’re at thousands of users and well before we expected or planned.

That’s not always good. I’ve been contacted by quite a few people telling me about ways to improve Nanaya. We’re listening but unfortunately Nanaya is not funded so we can only work as hard as friends and I can find the time to put together a user-friendly site.

In the next few weeks we’ll be focusing on the following:

  • Internationalization. Lo siento! We’re not keeping of where users outside of the US are from. We need to so we can eventually integrate our algorithm for other countries. Estoy pensando en ti, mundo Hispano!
  • Social media sharing. Once we have personalities from about 100,000 people in the US, we can finish the algorithm. That’s a lot easier if you have something to share on Facebook. Tell your friends your top trait and direct them to the personality test, with two clicks!
  • Survey Portal. Are you on a college newspaper? alternative weekly? radio station? Need a way to boost your readership engagement and build content while providing a new venue for your advertising for free? Contact us and we can build your portal starting the last week of January. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!
  • Mobile optimization. Google analytics tells us almost everyone accessing Nanaya is doing it from a desktop, which is great because our site isn’t the most responsive right now. Until this is fixed we recommend using Nanaya on a computer. 
  • Sociology studies. One of the things I’m most excited about. We’re getting very high resolution data within the US of romantic personalities.  Unlike OkCupid, our psychology studies are done via scientific psychometrics as opposed to an ad hoc list of values. While we cannot say our studies are wholly scientific (sample bias is not controlled for), we can provide unique insights and plan on publishing interesting results on values & psychology based on demographics as we build users.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns drop an email to info@nanaya.co. If you’re interested in partnering for your media organization, contact either melissa@nanaya.co or tom@nanaya.co.