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Spring 2015 News Update

It’s been well over a month without a blog post but it doesn’t mean we’re not keeping busy at Nanaya.

Personally, because this is a fun side project, occasionally other things take priority like my astrophysics research for my PhD and designing space missions for NASA JPL. But don’t worry, we’re on schedule with releasing an early version of Nanaya around Late Summer 2015.

Who and What Will Nanaya Support?

  • Nanaya will be a browser based webapp, it will not be a standalone app.
    • It will be a lot better on mobile than the current site!
  • We will be forecasting the odds in time of finding love and best/worst groups for finding love. We won’t be doing the “cost benefit” of relationships immediately. We need a lot more data before we can be confident transitioning from our self-report based prototype to a big data driven app.
  • Nanaya will be free. The algorithm generates a wealth of interesting data and the most interesting parts will always be free. However, we may ask for you to complete an additional survey or for a donation to receive some of the finer details. We’ll post some details on this closer to launch.
  • We have enough data to cover, at national level, nations mentioned in our Which Nation Is the Best Lover blog post and Italy. For Late Summer 2015, we cannot commit to supporting other nations but we will try our best based on data availability. We will prioritize nations most represented in our dataset.
  • We’re baselining support for USA across several regions, e.g. Northeast, Midwest, South, and West. We’ll be defining these based on what our data studies and existing literature in geography and psychology. We will need more people taking the personality test before we can enable which cities are ideal for finding a partner. We will enumerate that in the Fall. Invite your friends to take it!

What Will Nanaya Look Like?

Transitioning from an open-ended prototype to a webapp means compressing an hour interview to a 10-15 minute adaptive questionnaire. This results in the hard problem of asking just the right amount of questions: too little and the results are meaningless while too many and no one would complete it.

Right now, we’re just about done designing the questions. So if you’re a college student, you’ll be seeing questions about your college life and post-college plans. If you’re a service worker, you’ll be seeing questions about how you interact with customers. Americans of minority status may see questions with how they interact with groups of their ethnicity as it may be disproportionate with demographics local to the user. The point of all of that is understanding how and where you would meet a match. If we don’t ask these questions, we can’t give a good prediction!

We’ve also put together a few wireframes as we start building the webapp that give an idea of how things will look like. These questions and the user experience aren’t in their final form but these two wireframes may give you an idea of what’s to come:



Those question marks will be tooltips that give you a bit of extra info on how we’re using that data or why we’re asking that question.

Finally, the experience will be anonymous.

Minor Nerdy Details

For those interested, we’re currently using a postgresql database. Backend calculations will be done with various python libraries. Check back in around release and we’ll give shout outs to people who’ve put up great libraries on Github.

Update August 2015!! Because of my research schedule, launch has been pushed back to mid-late November. This time we mean it!

First data science blog post this week

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s a big day for us here at Nanaya. Last weekend, I downloaded a dataset with all these international personalities and started investigating to see what insights existed. This week, we’ll be publishing our first investigation: “Which Nation Is the Best Lover?”

To recap, a little less than a month ago we opened up Nanaya to personality testing and were shocked with the response. In about three weeks, well over 15,000 people from countries all around the world came in to take the personality test and register for access to Nanaya, the only app that can scientifically forecast your love life.

On behalf of Nanaya, I just want to thank the world for your support, especially America, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, and the UK. This is the sort of response that makes me confident that we’re building an app that people want. The more people take the personality test from your region, the sooner Nanaya will be available. Take the personality test here.

For each gender and nation, we’ll analyze the aspects of personality in those population that would result in successful flings and steady, long-term romances. This really simple investigation led to some shocking findings:

  • What makes nations culturally similar? Is language or geography more important?
  • Is gender or culture more psychologically significant? Can we shed insight into the problem of “nature vs nurture”?
  • Is there a relationship between how “romantic” a country is and marriage and divorce?

So far the results are very surprising!

Stay tuned! Until then, let’s see how adventurous British women and men are.

Men and women appear to be pretty similarly distributed across all nations. Here's an interesting counter-example from the UK (including Scotland, Wales, North Ireland).
Men and women appear to be pretty similarly distributed across all nations. Here’s an interesting counter-example from the UK (including Scotland, Wales, North Ireland).

The chart is a histogram, telling us how many men and women scored “adventurous” on the Nanaya Core personality test. Higher the line, the more frequently men or women scored that value. Here specifically, we can see women and men are mirror images of each other in the UK! Women are more likely to be adventurous than their male counterparts.

Maybe history would have been very different if there were more Mary Kingsleys and less Francis Drakes and James Cooks?

Nearing Launch…

The pace of posts has slowed down as we prepare for the launch of Nanaya personality testing. We’re working on several types of releases. One of them is an academic paper that describes the Nanaya algorithm.

Like any other academic paper, a Wordle is obligatory: