Nanaya News for 2018

Happy 2018 from Nanaya! As it’s been almost two years since the last blog post, it’s about time for an update.

Over the past two years, almost 250,000 users have tried Nanaya to help understand what their romantic and social futures will look like and what they can do to help live happier and fuller lives. Based on what we’ve learned by analyzing user data over the past few years, we’re planning several great updates for 2018.

Free Nanaya!

Starting Winter 2018, we will be offering a free version of Nanaya that will be based on a shorter version of the existing questionnaire. Specifically, the questionnaire will cover city, friend, work, education, and online dating social networks and rely on a simpler personality test assessment.

People who use the free version of Nanaya will be able to pay for the premium report while keeping all the same answers, shortening the time it takes to fill out the premium questionnaire.

Questions for all users will be updated based on our analysis on data to-date and will help complete how users define their identity, personality, and values.

What makes Nanaya truly unique will stay true: with every new user who tries Nanaya – everyone’s results become more accurate.

The Nanaya Blog and Studies

Sex and companionship might be one of the most universal human needs but the way in which it’s experienced varies dramatically. One of my personal goals when I started Nanaya was to use our database for what it means to have sex, date, and marry in modern society and how it varies for different groups and types of individuals.

Before then, I’ll be publishing several posts on Black Mirror’s Hang the DJ, which seems curiously similar to Nanaya.

Wait, what about Nanaya for couples?

When I first started Nanaya, it was based on my algorithm for predicting whether or not two people should stay together. However, only a portion of this algorithm is actually being used currently in Nanaya!

So when are we going to release it? Unfortunately, it will not be this year but we are getting ready to do the testing required to release the full algorithm. In this year’s Nanaya release we’ll offer discounted or free premium reports to couples that have been together for over 10 years. At this point, we will be constantly evaluating the effectiveness of the algorithm until we are satisfied with its accuracy.

Personal Note

For anyone following Nanaya, I do want to apologize for the very long delay in Nanaya updates.

Since launching Nanaya, I finished my doctorate in physics* and have returned to NASA JPL as a systems engineer where I am busy on several amazing projects, including HabEx, a mission to image earth-like exoplanets to detect signs of alien life, and “self-driving” spacecraft.

Now that I’m settled down and rested, it’s time to get back to Nanaya!